Jia Liu 劉佳

LSK4051, HKUST, Clear Water Bay, Hong Kong · +852 2358-7709 · jialiu@ust.hk
I am an Associate Professor of Marketing and an (affiliated) Associate Professor of Industiral Engineering & Decision Analytics (IEDA) at HKUST. My research interests are in the area of quantitative marketing, which combines marketing theories with quantitative methods, including statistical modelling, econometrics, machine learning, and artificial intelligence. My primary research objective is to develop advanced data analytic methods that can help practitioners generate managerial insights from big data. I also help companies/brands evaluate the effectiveness of various marketing polices. The substantive topics of my research cover a broad range of areas, including consumer search, advertising, pricing, recommender systems, user generated content, social media, big data nalytics, behavioral economics, product assortment, supply chain, and AI.

My past/current research have invovled brands and companies from various sectors, such as department store, retail vending, IT, telecommunication company, automobile company, fast food restaruant chain, social media platforms, knowledge-sharing platforms, search engines for travel, grocery e-commerce, advertisng agencies, and email marketing company.

* RA Hiring *

I currently look for both full-time and part-time research assistants.